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a.o. labs LGD Osta


LGD Osta is a special blend of LGD 4033 and Ostarine known as SARMS. This is ultimate for gaining lean muscle mass. Bulking while burning the fat.

LGD Osta is a combination of LGD-4033 and our other extremely popular SARM supplement Ostasize (Ostarine). The combination of these two high-quality ingredients creates an extremely potent SARM supplement, without the need for any liver support whilst on cycle. Some of the benefits you will see from LGD Osta include:

LGD Osta is recommended for athletes that want to bulk as LGD 4033 is used mainly for these purposes, however, LGD Osta also contains Ostarine, which is very good “fat burner”. This is a win-win situation for those who are looking to gain lean mass.

As one of the main ingredients of LGD-Osta is LGD-4033 there is a possibility of slight suppression post cycle. For this reason, we do recommend a post cycle therapy after running LGD-Osta. Something like our own PH Formulations Testo Plus will be more than enough to deal with this.

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