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Better Bodies Dip Belt


high load capacity

full range of motion

Better Bodies quality

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Why get the Better Bodies Dip Belt?

The Better Bodies Dip Belt is your future best friend! Is the belt always occupied at your gym? You are getting frustrated because you cannot do the workout you’ve set out to do…Nothing kills a workout like having to wait for equipment. Happens quite a lot doesn’t it? Otherwise, you would not be looking at this product!

Since Better Bodies‘ goal is to help you reach yours, they decided to take the experience of making accessories and design our own dip belt. This way you never have to wait around again. The adjustable chain, extra webbing, and high load capacity (up to 80kg) ensures the Better Bodies Dip Belt will stick with your workout after workout.

More information of the Better Bodies Dip Belt

  • Material: with webbing in 100% Polyamide, internal material rubber
  • Handfeel: Rigid
  • Features: To work straight through a full range of motion, as dips, pull- ups, squat.
  • The dip belt allow a high load capacity on the lenght adjustable chain.
  • The belt follows with a extra webbing tape, can be used instead of the chain. Can handle 80kg.
  • Composition: 100% Polypropylene
  • Size: OS

Why dips?

Weighted dips are a great exercise for training your chest, triceps, shoulders and core muscles. When performed correctly, they can add pounds of muscle to your upper body and also improve your strength for other exercises such as bench presses and military presses.

Who are Better Bodies?

Better Bodies UK aims to create more active fitness lifestyle in the world. It is for dedicated people that want to achieve their goals with innovative clothing line as Better Bodies is. The profit helps to people in extremely poor countries. They have eliminated over 100,000 single-use plastics from their assortment to be more ecological. If you are inspired by this brand and want to help people in 3rd world countries, this brand together with GASP is the best choice. Better Bodies and GASP are part of SFG.

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