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8th February 2019
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HR Labs CBD Oil 2000mg 30ml


  • No THC
  • High-quality
  • Cannabis Trades Association

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What is HR Labs CBD oil?

HR Labs CBD Oil is a ‘Broad Spectrum’ ultra-refined Gold Oil. It is manufactured from Industrial Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L), grown and farmed in the Netherlands. Distilled and filtered here in the UK to offer maximum strength and purity.

Our unique blend of Zero-THC hemp extract infused with a low-carbon molecule, coconut derived, organic MCT oil is rich in phytocannabinoids and strain specific terpenes. Which results in a highly bioavailable, smooth tasting oil which is entirely natural and devoid of any impurities.

Does it contain THC?

It contains no THC. The psychoactive component of Marijuana that gives a high. Has none of the associated side effects – only a multitude of benefits!

CBD is deeply rooting in the restoration of balance, working in synergy with the human body to achieve optimal health and vitality.

Unfortunately, there are inferior CBD products on the market, often mislabelled, not containing enough CBD, and containing only CBD isolate and unnecessary synthetic compounds.  Good CBD is not cheap, so complex and precise is the farming and production process.

HR Labs are working in unison with the Cannabis Trades Association to ensure that our Oils are produced to the highest quality.  We conduct 3rd party lab testing of each and every batch to ensure consistency and to offer peace of mind to you that you are buying the very best.  Made for Progress!

Product Information


Serving Size: 1 drop Servings Per bottle: 600

  • Amounts Per Serving:

o             CBD: 3.4mg

o             MCT Oil: 43.34mg

Directions for Use:

You should Shake well before use. Use 2 to 4 drops up to 3 times daily, to be administered sublingually for optimal absorption – hold for approx. 30secs prior to swallowing.

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