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Peak Body Flapjacks 21 Bars

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Peak Body Flapjack


The Hi-Protein flapjack is quite possibly the only flapjack that can truly claim to contain over 15 grams of Whey Protein. With a high supply of complex carbohydrates the Hi-Protein Flapjack is the best weapon to fight a busy schedule and the inevitability of missed meals. It provides complete nutrition whilst making you feel as though you are enjoying a binge.

Who would benefit from using the Hi -Protein Flapjack?

As the Hi-Protein flapjack contains more carbs than the others within our nutritional bar range, it serves a slightly different purpose. Rather than serving as an aid for increasing lean-muscle, the Hi-Protein flapjack serves as a great mass-builder with a higher-carbohydrate content. Fantastic for a daytime snack, a post-workout meal or indeed at anytime throughout the day to boost carbohydrate and overall calorie intake.

Available in boxes of 21 bars.

Nutritional profile per individual flapjack
Calories: 400 Kcal
Protein: 15.1g
Carbs: 55.8g
Fat: 12.8g
Fibre: 3.5g
Sodium: 0.02g

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