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PhD Diet Whey Bars 12x65g

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When PhD released the first DIet Whey bars in 2010, they were ahead of the market and helped to create what has now become a vibrant and growing “protein lifestyle” market for bars and snacks. The reality was that whilst the macros of the original bar were amazing, the taste was only OK and the texture a bit hard. Fast forward to 2017 and the new Diet Whey bar lands with a huge fan fare and tremendous consumer feedback. The new bar is amazing, it has a soft and fluffy centre with protein crispies added to create a great mouth feel and a really easy to eat snack. The bar is coated in either dark, milk or white chocolate (depending upon flavour choice) and each has a thin layer of caramel running under the coating.

Whilst delivering on taste is key, PhD is about delivering on results first and Diet Whey bar does not disappoint. 20g of protein (mainly from whey), over 9g of fibre to help you stay fuller for longer (banish those sugar cravings) and less than 2g of nasty sugar per bar and all wrapped up in fewer than 200 calories

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Weight 1 kg

Double Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Mocha, Triple Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Peanut, Chocolate Salted Caramel

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