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PhD Pharma Gain 2.268kg

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PhD Pharma-Gain

Mass-gaining innovation!

The world of mass gaining products is about to be re-invented in a major way.

Pharma-gain™ is not a run of the mill mass gainer. Gone are the high glycemic sugars and in their place come a complex mix of low-impact carbohydrates, low glycemic fruit sugars, Essential fatty acids, large amounts of dietary fibre and a 7-way protein blend for the ultimate mass gainer. PhD believe that Pharma-Gain™ is a mass-gaining innovation. We believe that at last we have an intelligent mass-gainer that can be used by every athlete seeking to increase quality body mass.

Pharma-Gain™- High-Protein, High-Fibre, GI controlled mass gainer!

The PhD approach to quality mass gaining!

When creating Pharma-Gain™, we at PhD were steadfast in the type of product we wanted. We outlined key areas we wanted to avoid when creating a mass gainer for those seeking to gain healthy, quality mass. Essentially we believe that current mass-gainers are great for one type of athlete, the hard gainer who isn’t too concerned about what kind of body weight he gains, as long as the scales keep telling him his weight is on the rise. This is great to an extent andPharma-Gain™ is ideal for this kind of athlete, but what about the others? What about the majority of us who want to increase quality muscle mass, without gaining too much body fat?

Creating the formula for Pharma-Gain™ involved heavy market research and outlining the major mistakes and corner-cutting made by the majority of mass gainers on the market, we called this: destroying the mass-gainer myths

Here’s how PhD destroy the mass-gainer myths and create the new rules!!

Myth 1- Mass gainers contain dextrose and cheap sugars as their major source of carbohydrates!

PhD destroy the rule: Pharma-Gain™ contains a triple-pronged carbohydrate blend with around 85% of any sugars present being in the form offructose, a low Glycemic carbohydrate, guaranteed to allow blood sugar to remain steady and consistent without the energy crashes associated with many mass-gainers.

Myth 2- Mass gainers must be high-carbohydrate, moderate protein and almost zero-fat!

PhD Destroy the rule: Pharma-Gain falls strictly (By EU Laws) within the nutrient ratio allowable for a product to be called “A Meal replacement” such is the quality of the ingredients. Most mass gainers on the market will perhaps contain around 25 Grams of protein per 100 grams of powder. PhD Nutrition’s Pharma-Gain™ contains 40 grams of protein per 100 grams of powder. After all, given the choice of additional calorie intake between carbohydrates or protein, we are pretty sure those interested in quality mass gains would opt for a little more protein and fewer carbohydrates. In addition to higher than average protein content, PhD Nutrition’s Pharma-Gain™ also contains optimum average carbohydrate content, still enough to ensure optimum mass gains and strength enhancements, but not too much so that all you get for your money is added mass around the mid-section.

Myth 3- The only fats in mass-gainers are the unhealthy kind.

PhD destroy the rule: PhD Nutrition’s Pharma-Gain™ does contains small amounts of saturated fat, but to off-set this inevitability, we also includeolive oil and flaxseed to balance out the fat content. Both olive oil and flaxseed contain Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) and extremely healthful to the diet of anyone interested in optimum quality of life.

Myth 4- Fibre is just for vegetables!

PhD destroy the rule: The quality nutritional profile of Pharma-Gain™ would not be complete without 7-9 grams of fibre in every 100 gram serving (officially makingPharma-Gain™ a highfibre food). Fibre is a vital nutrient for gut health and aids greatly

in slowing down gastric emptying, which in turn slows down the release of nutrients into the bloodstream and ensures a slow and steady blood sugar reaction to the product. Many mass gainers will leave you with symptoms of low blood sugar some 60-90 minutes after using them. This is due to the high amounts of sugar used and low amounts of fibre and healthy fats present within product. Pharma-Gain™ can be taken as a regular meal and will not leave you feeling hungry and craving sugar within 90 minutes.

Pharma-Gain™ is also fortified with added L-Glutamine and Branched Chain Amino Acids.

Available in 3 great flavours.

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Weight 3 kg

Strawberry Oats, Vanilla, Chocolate Oats

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