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Reflex Nutrition L-Carnitine 100 Caps


  • Easy-to-use capsule format
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  • Helps support healthy weight loss
  • Helps improve endurance
  • Helps to support effective recovery from exercise
  • 100% pure L-Carnitine

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What is Reflex Nutrition L-Carnitine?

Reflex Nutrition L-Carnitine is a supplement that helps with fat loss. Each capsule contains 500mg of L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine has several functions, one of which is to transfer fatty acids into cells for use as energy.

Quality is at the forefront of everything that Reflex do. They look to source the finest ingredient suppliers in the world, making sure that every product is unsurpassed. Carnitine can be found in two forms, L-carnitine and D-carnitine. D-carnitine is inactive and therefore of no use. Reflex source their L-carnitine to be free of any impurities and only supply 100% L-carnitine.

Who is it for?

Acetyl L-Carnitine has been created anyone looking for a source of the amino acid L-Carnitine. Many people work hard in the gym and eat a healthy, balanced diet but still seek assistance in their weight management. Reflex Nutrition have developed a range of safe and effective weight management products that can assist such goals. L-carnitine plays a vital function in the role of fat breakdown and energy production.

Additionally, L-carnitine may be useful for increasing endurance in athletes. Studies have shown that athletes given two grams before a maximum exercise capacity test were able to perform for longer and with a higher power output than those who did not supplement with it.

A little bit of science…

For fat to be used as an energy source it must be transported to the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the part of the cell that is often referred to as the powerhouse in that it is where energy is produced. Unfortunately, fatty acids cannot enter the mitochondria on their own. Indeed, L-carnitine helps to shuttle fatty acids to the mitochondria. By increasing the amount of L-carnitine present, more fatty acids can be shuttled to be used as a source of energy, which helps with weight management.

Recommended Usage

Take one to three capsules per day, or as prescribed by a health practitioner.

This is a food supplement and should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet.

Product Information

In the body, L-Carnitine is produced naturally in the liver and kidneys. It is stored primarily in muscle. Red meat and dairy produce are the main sources of carnitine in the diet.

L-Carnitine and ALCAR are two related compounds used for a variety of purposes. Including boosting exercise performance and improving cognition and depression. L-Carnitine is often used for fat loss. But the evidence doesn’t support this indication.

Anything else?

Each bottle contains 90 capsules, delivering between 30 and 90 servings dependent on usage.


In a two-piece gelatin capsule: Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Maltodextrin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.

About Reflex Nutrition

Reflex Nutrition is constantly adapting, refining and innovating the finest quality products to benefit our community of athletes.

For Reflex Nutrition, innovation is everything. When you’ve been around for a long time it can be easy to be stuck in your ways but they do everything they can to avoid that by actively innovating every day. From researching the latest trends to sourcing efficient materials, Reflex Nutrition aims to always be ahead.

They say if you want something done properly, sometimes you’ve got to do it yourself. That’s why in 2012, they created their very own bespoke, state-of-the-art facility. So now, unlike other companies, they’re able to manufacture almost everything they use. Right here, and always to their own exacting standards.


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